Transcriptions of Primary Source Materials on Lady Jane Grey
     Historians and others writing about Lady Jane Grey often cite or refer to source materials that are not readily available to the general public. These include rare books from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and/or books published in languages other than English, plus handwritten manuscripts that have never appeared in print. Those interested in Lady Jane Grey, or in Tudor history more generally, often express interest in reading these original materials but are prevented from doing so by either access issues or language barriers. Students writing papers or working on research projects for high school and university history classes also often express interest in accessing these materials for their studies.

     The links below will guide the viewer to additional pages of this site on which they will find some of the rare and otherwise unpublished texts and sources useful to both students and fans of Tudor history.
  Manuscript Primary Sources:
  Lady Jane Grey’s Prayerbook - The full contents of the tiny book she carried to her execution  
  Warrant for Cloth and other stuffs requisitioned for Queen Jane on 14 July 1553  
  Inventory of Jewels and other stuffs requisitioned for Queen Jane on 14 July 1553   
  Printed Primary Sources:
Proclamation of the Accession of Queen Jane, issued 10 July 1553
‘Elegy’ on the Death of Lady Jane Grey, by Thomas Chaloner, published in 1579
Historia delle cose occorse nel regno d’Inghilterra, in materia del Duca di Notomberlan dopo la morte di Odoardo VI, by Giulio Raviglio Rosso (1558).
  Two Italian Letters From London Dated July 1553  
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Historia de la vita e de la morte de la l'Illustrissima Signora Giovanna Graia, gia regina eletta a publicata d'Inghilterra, by Michelangelo Florio.


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