Other Thoughtful Things
This portion of Some Grey Matter deals with miscellaneous items related to Lady Jane Grey as well as other material completely unrelated to her. Over time, I will be adding ‘other thoughtful things’, as they come to me and as my interests vary.
What Is An ‘Historian’?
                        Addressing a common issue of definition and usage
On the use, misuse, and abuse of the words ‘Profession’ and ‘Professional’
                        My take on a troubling semantic issue
  Lady Jane Grey’s Autograph For Sale? 
                             Is this a unique opportunity to add Jane Grey’s autograph to your collection?
      My assessment of this unsual item.  
Was Lady Jane Grey the “real” William Shakespeare?
                        A claim that appeared on the Internet in 2014
My evaluation of the anonymously-presented claim.
A ‘New’ Letter from the Reign of Queen Jane?
                        A letter auctioned in New Jersey in April 2007
The results of my investigation into what was purported by the seller to be an authentic handwritten letter from the reign of Queen Jane. Caveat Emptor!
Lady Jane Grey’s Bracelet?  
Was this bracelet given by Lady Jane Grey to Mary, Queen of Scots, as the story associated with the bracelet says?
Queen Jane’s Lace?
A small fragment of lace supposedly made by Jane Grey while she was a prisoner in the Tower.
A ‘New’ Portrait of Mary Rogers, Lady Harington
                        The third and earliest known portrait of a well-known Tudor dynast
Published in The British Art Journal in October 2011, this article examines and identifies the sitter in a portrait previously thought to depict Elizabeth I as a princess in 1553.
The Carmina of Publilius Optatianus Porphyrius and the Creative Process
                        Poetry from the Fourth Century AD by the Inventor of the Acrostic Puzzle
Evolving out of a research seminar while studying for my M.A. in Ancient History at San Francisco State University in 2001, this paper examines the poetry of an obscure fourth –century Roman poet often credited with inventing the acrostic puzzle. The paper was eventually published in Studies in Latin Literature and Roman History, Volume XII (edited by Carl Deroux, published in Brusselles by Collection Latomus, 2005, pages 447 – 466).
Motorcycle Leathers and the Construction of Masculine Identities
         Among Homosexual Men

                        An Academic Paper on a Cultural Phenomenon
This paper, presented at a national academic conference in 2006, examines the appropriation by gay men of motorcycle leathers beginning in the 1950s. It argues that the appropriation was in a deliberate effort to create a masculine self–presentation.


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