Portraits of Lady Jane Grey
     This section of SomeGreyMatter formerly contained my analysis of approximately two dozen portraits all said at some point in their individual histories to depict Lady Jane Grey. That material has now been removed and entirely re-written and published as a book. A Queen of a New Invention examines over two dozen portraits, four of which having never before been published or studied by art historians. A couple of previously ‘lost’ portraits have also been located and studied for the first time by any historian in more than half a century.

     The material that remains accessible here either has already been published in an academic journal (the Wrest Park Portrait), is too time sensitive to await publication of the book (the Streatham Portrait update), was not known to me until after publication (the South Carolina Portrait), or will not be included in the book (Other Portraits).

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    The Streatham Portrait 
(Updated May 2014)
    The Wrest Park Portrait 
(Revised September 2013) 
    The South Carolina Portrait 
(Added April 2015)
    Other Portraits Called
‘Lady Jane Grey’


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