by John Stephan Edwards
on Lady Jane Grey and other subjects
    A Queen of a New Invention: Portraits of Lady Jane Grey Dudley, England’s Nine Days Queen   A comprehensive study of the portraiture of Lady Jane Grey.  
A Life Framed in Portraits: An Early Portrait of Mary Nevill Fiennes, Lady Dacre
The results of my study of the Wrest Park Portrait, published in January 2014 in British Art Journal.
  On the Date of Birth of Lady Jane Grey  
A short article challenging the traditional date of birth in early October 1537 usually assigned to Jane Grey. Argues that the evidence indicates a date much earlier in that year.
A Further Note on the Date of Birth
of Lady Jane Grey
Based on additional evidence, pushes Jane's date of birth back to as much as one year before the traditional date.
A ‘New’ Portrait of Mary Rogers,
Lady Harington
Discusses a portrait in a U.S. collection thought for over three centuries to depict Elizabeth Tudor at age 20 in 1553, but now shown to be a portrait of the wife of Sir John Harington, inventor of the water closet!
      ‘The Book’  
Getting a book published is not easy, especially in the electronic age. Once I get a publisher for my biography of Jane Grey, this page will be added to offer pre-publicaiton updates.
The Carmina of Publilius Optatianus Porphyrius and the Creative Process
Analyzes a series of figured poems written in Latin in the fourth century by the person often credited with inventing the acrostic puzzle. Proposes a new schema for dating the poems more precisely.



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